Power to Change

Bill Bright

“...let us follow the Holy Spirit's leading in every part of our lives” (Galatians 5:25).

A businessman came to see me one day, greatly distressed because his church was splitting. "Half of our members are going to move out and start another church," he said. This distressed me, too, because I cannot think of anything more tragic than for a body of Christians to be divided.

As we talked, the man discovered and admitted that he was a worldly Christian. I explained to him how God had made provision for him to be a spiritual person. He did not need to continue to live as a worldly, carnal Christian. Finally, we knelt together and prayed. He asked forgiveness for his sins and invited God to fill and control his life by the Holy Spirit.

As we rejoiced together over what God had done, he said, "You know, there won't be any problems in my church now. You see, I'm the one who has been causing all the trouble."

Unfortunately, the acid of worldliness doesn't just burn into churches. It also dissolves marriages, homes, families, and jobs. You may have felt its affect in your life as relationships with loved ones have deteriorated and friends have become mere acquaintances.

But you can discover the same freedom the apostle Paul found. You too can enjoy victory. The key is the Holy Spirit who supplies power for you to live as a spiritual person.1

Your View of God Really Matters ...

Answer the following question: As I think about my life I feel like I am: 

  1. Riding the wave.
  2. Pushing the ocean.

The key to riding the wave is to allow the Holy Spirit to empower you for service.

Because God is all-powerful,
He can help me with anything.

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1. To learn more about how to ride the wave (of God's Spirit), go to: www.discovergod.com/power.html

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