Will You Take The Pledge This Year?

Lord Jesus,
I surrender to you...

We have our own preferences for where we want to go, what we want to do or say or give. But what if God wants something different for our lives than we do?

It can be hard to see sometimes, but God truly wants the best for us. He invites us not to be his enemies anymore, but to be his allies, to be his co-workers.

To say, “I surrender” to God is not about losing what we have, but about gaining all the beauty, wonder, overflowing life and expansive love God offers. It’s saying, “I have my own ideas about how to live my life, but instead I’m going to follow you and see where you take me.”

I’m not going to fight. I’m not going to resist. I’m not going to hide.

I surrender.

And in the power of your Spirit…

We aren’t on this journey alone.

God gives us the strength to do what he asks of us, through the power of the Holy Spirit. As we depend on the Spirit, he will guide us, and make us the kind of people he wants us to be. He keeps our eyes open to him, softens our hearts and transforms our lives. The Holy Spirit guides us and walks alongside us.

There are other people on this path, too. Other followers of Jesus walk with us, encourage us and cheer us on. Thousands of people across the world and millions of people throughout history have made this decision to surrender and follow in the power of the Holy Spirit. We can, alongside thousands of others like us, make disciples and help change the world!

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