Will You Give as God Calls You to Give?

I will…
GIVE what you want me to GIVE.

God is enormously generous. He gives us sunlight and rain, he shares his love with us, he provides for us, and he sent his son to die for broken humanity. He has given us so much, and he continues to give to us day in and day out.

Generosity will characterize our lives as we seek to imitate God. Giving – whether we have a little or a lot – is part of developing a generous heart. A generous person has a compassionate heart and sees the needs of people around them.

God may ask us to use our time, our money, our skills, or any of our resources as we’re working together with him to change the world. What gifts can we give to those around us? What might he ask of us? Are we willing to give what he asks us to give?

Stop and think about GIVING. Whether it is time, money, talent, etc., jot down some thoughts on how you can GIVE. What areas of your life is Jesus calling you to be more generous with?

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