What Is The Pledge?

I will GO where You want me to go.

I will DO what You want me to do.

I will SAY what You want me to say.

I will GIVE what You want me to give.

Jesus is inviting us to follow him into the wide-open spaces of life. What are you going to do with this invitation?

Taking The Pledge is one step in the journey of a life spent following Jesus.

To help you do that we've compiled some great resources.  

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“A much-needed tool for understanding what it means to truly follow Jesus. “Go Do Say Give” puts into focus what it really means to live a life that gives glory to God and accomplishes much for the Kingdom of God.”
      Tom Lin, President, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

“'Go Do Say Give’ is a book about following God – completely! Keith Bubalo has made that commitment and has had no regrets. He explains how you can make that commitment and have the motivation and power to implement it in practical ways. I believe God will use what you read to help you make your life count for him.”
      Steve Douglass, President of Cru

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