Population: 126,995,411

Located in Eastern Asia, island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula

Website: http://www.japanccc.org

Map of Japan

Freedom of religion is guaranteed to all by the constitution. Over 70 percent of Japanese claim no personal religion, but the majority follow the demands of idolatrous and ancestor-venerating Buddhism, and rituals of polytheistic Shintoism. Historically, Japanese identity is deeply tied to Shintoism, and formal dissociation from this connection is extremely difficult in a land where conformity rules. Many also follow some of the hundreds of newer religious movements that are off-shoots or interpretations of these.


How a Church Grew From a Tsunami

Spiritual interest is still strong in Japan long after the tsunami.

When Your Dreams Are Shattered

A Japanese student never got to be an American football player – here's what we can all learn from his disappointment.

The Gospel Comic

The success of The Search, a Manga comic based on the 4 Spiritual Laws evangelism booklet, raises questions about the need to adapt the message of the gospel to meet contemporary culture.

1,000-Yen Club, Entertainers and Evangelism

Keiko’s interest in Christ started with a TV program. Now she helps entertainers tune in to Him.

The Timing of the Gospel

American students leave a lasting impression on a Japanese campus.

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