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Roadtrips, Selfies, & Birthday Cake

How to build great friendships

What do you want to see and experience in college? You’ll have the opportunity there to make friendships that will last your entire life. Who will you share road trips with, take selfies with, and eat delicious birthday cake with over the next four years?

The Lord has created so much to experience on our beautiful planet. You become who you surround yourself with. Do life with those who share the same Christian foundation and love for Christ. What do lifelong friendships really look like?

We connect most deeply through life’s joys and burdens. Put your cell phone down. It means so much to another person when you’re not distracted and are truly listening to them. In the process of building great friendships, difficult conversations will take place. That’s ok! It’s a great opportunity to learn to put aside your pride.

Good friends also forgive each other, and ask for forgiveness when disagreements come up. It shows you care and value your friendship. We experience more of the power of forgiveness and reconciliation as we understand how God has forgiven us.

Celebrate the milestones in your life with your friends. Who doesn’t love cake? Memories build lifelong relationships. Christ made us to be in community with others.

Reach out, connect, and repeat. We know the Lord has amazing adventures in store for your future. College is a transition. You can have more fun and more spiritual growth than ever in this new chapter of your life.

We can’t wait to meet you and make new memories together.

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