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Emily and Hannah's Freshman Year Adventure

How to make a successful transition to the new college environment

Congratulations! Soon you’ll be embarking on an exciting new chapter of life. What part of the college experience are you most looking forward to?

Meet Emily and Hannah. Maybe you can relate to some of the things they viewed with excitement and concern as they headed off to college.

Two key things helped Emily and Hannah make a successful transition to the new college environment:

  1. They took the initiative to get connected to Christian community on campus as quickly as they could.
  2. They went on a Fall Retreat (aka Fall Getaway) with Cru. It’s an awesome weekend away from campus designed to help you grow closer to God and to other students. Hannah said it was a great way to kickstart her freshman year. “Something about playing and praying and worshipping together just formed bonds really fast, and they’ve only deepened since.”

Trust us, after 4 or 5 weeks of classes and dorm life, you’ll be ready to get off campus for a weekend! The friends you make this fall and the choices you make to walk with God will help shape your entire college experience, if not the rest of your life. Don’t wait. Register for your school’s Fall Retreat as soon as you get the chance since spots fill up quickly.

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