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When Your Boss Asks You to Cheat

Feeling pressured to compromise integrity is a common work-faith dilemma. Learn how to deal with these situations while maintaining the highest standards before God and your employer.

7 Ways to Help a Loved One Who Has Experienced Trauma

It’s hard to know how to help someone who has experienced trauma. Here are seven practical and compassionate ways you can care for your loved one.

How One Man’s Influence Can Impact the World

Sumya knew God was calling him to serve in the military and his faithfulness has shown the power of being a fruitful witness.


Valor is the Cru ministry for college and high school ROTC cadets and midshipmen, veterans on college campuses, and cadets at foreign military service academies.

When War Comes Home

Learn more about a resource available for military families facing the challenges of deployment and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ready for Anything

A former Delta Force member gives out JESUS films to speakers of other languages.

Fighting for Military Marriages

From an American military base in England, Jim and Bea Fishback work with Cru to help fight for military families and marriages.

Combating an 80% Divorce Rate

Latvian soldiers spend a weekend rebuilding their marriages and learning about God.

Becoming a Real Man

Hristo Hristov wanted to be a good soldier. He enlisted in the Bulgarian Army with hopes of joining the French Foreign Legion. “I dreamt to serve in it because it was the right place for becoming a real man,” he says.

Naval Recruits Receive Eternal Training

New Naval recruits in Brazil are now required to hear the gospel during training.

American Combat Veterans Need You

One of the greatest challenges soldiers and their spouses are facing is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Learn how your church can care for military families in crisis.

Rapid Deployment Kits Serve as Spiritual Care Packages

The Military Ministry of Cru is reaching troops around the world by sending Rapid Deployment Kits to military bases and battlefields

Faith in God Sustains Deployed Pilot

Coping with dangerous conditions and separation from loved ones made possible with God for pilot in Iraq.

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