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When War Comes Home

Christ-centered healing for wives of combat veterans

Jess Fong



What is it?

  • 1 soft-cover book including:
    • 13 workbook sections for assessing and understanding the symptoms of both Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the secondary trauma felt by your family.
    • Diary sections of 4 military wives in different situations.
    • Prayers and Bible verses to help create a healing environment
  • Part of the "Bridges to Healing" series for military families.
  • Created by Cru Military.

How to use it:

Explore different ways to individually or with a small group seek healing for your family. Use the workbook sections to think through different areas of your life: relationships with children, deployment emotions, praying for loved ones and more. Meet together with "battle buddies" -- wives facing similar experiences -- to pray and seek healing together.

Why use it:

  • Focused on application and recognition of the symptoms of PTSD.
  • Teaches how to construct safe, healthier environments for your husband, your children and yourself. 
  • Presents insights from the medical and counseling community based on biblical principles.
  • Provides instruction in specific courses of action, like how to build your own "healing place," how to develop a support network of "battle buddies," and to know how and when to find physical safety.
  • Suitable for wives and friends of those affected by the hidden wounds of war. 
  • Requires no training to lead.

Where to get it:


What people think:

"I read through the battle buddy section of When War Comes Home last night. It made me so thankful that God had sent me [my battle buddy] just when I needed her. As the book indicates, [she's] someone who can set me straight when I need her to and someone who I know I can always trust.  We were able to persevere through the deployment when all we really thought we'd do was have a nervous breakdown." -- Myndee M. Reed, Hutchinson, Kan.

"I've been using When War Comes Home in a support group for wives and family members of combat veterans, and I highly recommend this manual. It provides information and support to family members and is a tool to help stop the unraveling of military families. As a wife of a Vietnam Vet who battled the war after the war -- PTSD -- I felt like When War Comes Home was written about my life and was a tremendous healing experience for me." -- Karen Blehm, wife of a Vietnam veteran and PTSD sufferer

"When War Comes Home is very relevant to a reality I live. It speaks truth and is a pathway for the Lord to bring complete healing and freedom." -- Heather Zoellner, Women on the Homefront co-facilitator

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