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Lighting a Candle at Finland's Top Musical Academy

At Sibelius Academy, Finland's top music school, Pauliina looks for ways to influence the other top-notch musicians for Christ.

Jesus in the Spotlight

God has opened doors to bring the gospel into the most influential sector of the Philippines, entertainment.

The Gospel Comic

The success of The Search, a Manga comic based on the 4 Spiritual Laws evangelism booklet, raises questions about the need to adapt the message of the gospel to meet contemporary culture.

Creating Art for a Creative God

NYC art residency program gives students an opportunity to create art, engage with artists and equip for a lifetime of making Christ known.

Befriending the atheist next door

Brad Morrice is a church planter breaking hard ground in Quebec, Canada’s most atheistic province.

Christ and my craft

“I used to make fun of Christians, but something changed that.”

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