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Lord, How Do I Use My Time?

“Everybody said I was a fool when I resigned,” said Sonia Pandya, former IT worker in South Asia. But after 16 years in the workforce, Sonia decided it was better for her to stay at home. She didn’t know what she would do to fill her days, but God did.

Longing for a More Meaningful Workday?

One woman’s testimony on how she became a believer and now shares her faith in the office.


Valor is the Cru ministry for college and high school ROTC cadets and midshipmen, veterans on college campuses, and cadets at foreign military service academies.

American Combat Veterans Need You

One of the greatest challenges soldiers and their spouses are facing is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Learn how your church can care for military families in crisis.

What to Put in a Military Care Package

You can bless our military personnel with thoughtful care packages. Remember, the biggest gift in a care package is the knowledge that you cared enough to send one.

Inner City Seattle/Tacoma

Compelled by the gospel, we connect resources and volunteers to address issues of poverty through the urban Seattle/Tacoma Christian church.

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