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Get Involved in Christian Opportunities | Cru

Wondering how to get involved in Christian work? Cru has a variety of Christian mission opportunities, including mission trips, internships, and full-time careers.

Spiritual Growth and Guidance Center

If you’re looking to take steps in spiritual growth, guidance and encouragement, a one-time response, or a back and forth dialogue, our volunteer advocates are here to support you.

How to Respond to Someone Leaving Christianity

People are leaving the church. Here are 6 ways to continue the conversation with them.

How to Love Your Work Without Being Consumed by It

Three biblical perspectives will help you honor God through every job you take.

How in the World to Love Your Church

If you’re feeling lost or alone, even in the midst of your church community, learning to love and serve others might be the way forward.

How to Be Confident You Are Worth More Than Your Work

If you feel like your work is defining you and you want it to change, try these three ideas.

10 Things I Learned From My Daughter's Suicide

My world still stops for a few seconds when I say those words. I never cease to feel the enormity of the loss, the emptiness left in her wake. The wound has healed, but the scar remains.

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