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What Is the Purpose of Life?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a reason you’re here? If you’re made for something more than just getting through each day? Every one of us has a purpose, and discovering yours will change your life.

Dear Dad, You Have Grandchildren Now

A Cru staff member’s letter to his deceased father, lamenting the loss and considering the influence on his own parenthood.

Do You Feel Like You’ve Failed God?

Elliott juxtaposes the stories of Peter and Judas, as well as shares some of his personal story, to demonstrate the different ways we can respond to spiritual failure.

Why I Don't Tell You About My Life

I don’t mind helping other people through hard situations, but letting them help me is hard.

Finding Home

Returning from overseas to care for her mother brings life lessons for staff member Alice Fredricks.

Recognizing God's Goodness

Cru missionaries, the Steinborns, see a gift -- even when wrapped in hardship.

London Calling

Two brothers learn about Jesus over the internet.

Paris Attacks: Hear from Christians inside the city

Christian students involved with Cru in Paris huddled for safety as tragedy struck their city.

7 Questions to Find Your Spiritual Passion

What captures your allegiance and inspires your passion? Have you discovered God’s calling for your life?

Ready for Life

Ready for life after college? This is a 21-Day Devotional on seeking God’s will in life decisions.

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