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What Is Idolatry?

Idolatry is the worship of a false God. It's anything that people serve, love, desire, trust, fear, and worship that isn't God.

What is Sanctification and How Does It Work?

Sanctification is the process through which God makes a person more like Himself. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Why Was Jesus Crucified?

Jesus dying on the Cross is one of the most important parts of His story. Learn why He did it and what it means for you.

Day 2: The Fall

We all long to live in a perfect world. What happened when sin entered the world? And is there hope that one day there will be renewal?

How Could You Love Me if You Really Knew Me?

Do you struggle with sexual shame? Learn how to take the first steps toward freedom and healthy relationships.

Do You Feel Like You’ve Failed God?

Elliott juxtaposes the stories of Peter and Judas, as well as shares some of his personal story, to demonstrate the different ways we can respond to spiritual failure.

Why Do I Feel Like God Is Being Hard on Me?

"Perhaps we expect punishment from God, either because we see Him as a harsh master, or see ourselves as dead wood, deserving to be thrown away and burned."

Are All Your Friends Just Like You?

What American Christians miss by not building friendships with people who are different from them.


Due to Christ’s death on the cross, your sins have been forgiven. But you will continue to sin. So, what should you do when you sin?

FLESH SERIES: Plan of Action

Having purposed in your heart to pursue sexual purity, you will need to employ some very basic, but crucial tactics to guard your heart from lust.

FLESH SERIES: The Belt of Truth

The power of lust is its embedded lies - little white ones, dark and monstrous things. With Christ dwelling in us, our hearts cannot endure the pain of outright rebellion.

How to Confess & Breathe Spiritually

Spiritual breathing, which allows God’s unimpeded influence on our lives, involves confession and surrender.

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