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Use Falling Plates as a Way to Share the Gospel

Join us this Easter to bring Jesus to 1 million people!

How Will You Feel Loved If You’re Not on Social Media?

I remember a time when I clicked refresh on my notifications for about the tenth time in a minute. My husband, watching quietly, asked, “Did you post that photo of us because you’re proud of me, or do you just care about the likes?”

6 Tips for Responding to Negative Comments Online

Receiving comments on social media is what we all want — except when they’re negative. When negative comments appear, it can be stressful or hurtful. Here are six tips to help you navigate the situation online and respond well to negative comments.

What to Be Aware of When Posting on Social Media

Social media is amazing and useful. But like every good gift from God we need to use it wisely for it to be an effective tool. Learn how to post on Instagram, Facebook and other social media in ways that gain followers and build trust with existing followers.

How to Have an Effective Giveaway

Are you running a social media account and want more exposure? Learn how to create an effective giveaway that will strengthen your bond with current followers and gain you new followers.

How to Use Social Media Stories for Ministry

We all love stories. Telling, listening to and reading stories is part of our DNA. Thankfully, different social platforms now enable us to do this digitally. And what better way to use this opportunity than to share the story of Jesus? Here are some tips about telling stories through social media as ministry.

How to Make Instagram Stories Work for You

Do you love Jesus, love your friends and spend hours on Instagram? Staying up to date with Instagram’s features can help you bring those things together in life-changing ways.

Posting After Paris? Social Media Is a Risky Pulpit

How do you respond wisely to what others are saying in the digital town square, especially when it touches a nerve?

What Happens When People Google “Jesus”

We turn to the internet for our ordinary, mundane, and sometimes embarrassing questions. But we also look to this infinite store of knowledge for answers to life's most complex moral, intellectual, and spiritual quandaries.

Social Media: Waste of Time or New Evangelism Tool?

A digital day of outreach created numerous conversations in Australia.

Community - Digital Ministry

A 31-day content schedule on the power of togetherness and community.


A 12-day schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God through our partnering with others.

Work and Rest - Ready to Use Content

A 31-day content schedule exploring what it means to be faithful to God in our work and in our rest.

How Social Media Will Help You Share Your Faith

As a college student you’re likely to spend hours every day on social media, so how do you use time to share your faith with friends.


A 30-day campaign on growth and change.

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