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VK - Finding Interested Students

After seeing success in using Facebook to find interested students, other workers have discovered how to use VK, (a social network popular among Russian speakers) to do exactly the same thing.

Customizable Banners & Posters

We’ve created several customizable banners and posters you can use to promote your weekly meetings or events.

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Conference

A social media “how‐to” broken down into what to do before, during and after your conference.

Before and After Video on Instagram

6 steps on sharing your before and after video on Instagram

Before and After Video on Snapchat

5 steps on sharing your before and after video through Snapchat

Before and After Video on Facebook Messenger

4 tips on sharing your before and after video through Facebook messenger

Before and After Video on Facebook

How to share your story and the gospel starting with your before and after video.

One Minute Testimony Video

6 useful steps in creating an effective one minute testimony video

Create a Graphic for Your Social Media

5 easy steps to create cool graphics for social media

Sharing Your Journey on Snapchat

Four steps in sharing your thoughts through your Snapchat journey.

Having a “Sometime” Conversation

There are 5 basic parts to your story. You should be able to talk through all 5 parts clearly and succinctly within 3-5 minutes.

Use Falling Plates as a Way to Share the Gospel

Join us this Easter to bring Jesus to 1 million people!

Ask an Engaging Facebook Question

Facebook can be a great place to cast a wide net among your larger list of friends to spark spiritual conversations.

How to Take Video of Yourself

Here are 10 tips on shooting an effective, quality video of yourself.

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