How to Use Snapchat Memories

Angel McCurdy

Snapchat Memories is a way for you to save your Snaps or Stories on Snapchat in the cloud for later viewing and sharing.

You can find old Snaps by searching keywords like “summer missions” or “Christmas party,” and Snapchat will pull it up for you. Thanks Snapchat!

You can also send those Snaps to your friends, re-upload old Snaps and mix and match those to share a new piece of content.

When you share a Snap from your Memories people will know. If you share a Snap that was taken more than a day prior it will appear with a thick, white border as well as a timestamp showing when it was taken. This will tell your audience that you’re sharing from Memories.

Private Memories can be marked with “My Eyes Only”. If you took photos of a mission in a sensitive area to just send to a small group and don’t want those going out to everyone you’re covered. You can move Snaps into a “My Eyes Only” category for private viewing.

Snapchat won’t back up photos or videos from your camera roll. Snapchat Memories only saves Snaps and Stories from Snapchat. It won’t back up any of your other media unless you’ve uploaded it from the Snapchat Story.

How to Set Up Snapchat Memories
1. When in Snapchat, tap on the small white circle under the Snapchat camera button. A “Welcome to Memories!” will appear.
2. Hit “Start Using Memories.”
3. You’ll be prompted to import Snaps that you’ve saved from your phone’s camera roll (it’s optional).
4. Import the Snaps you want from your camera roll.

How to Save Snaps and Stories to Memories

1. Take your Snap.
2. Click the download button.
3. Select “Save to Camera Roll & Memories” or “Save to My Eyes Only.”

How to Save From Stories
1. Swipe right to your stories.
2. Click on the three-dot menu and tap the download button.
3. Save Stories to your Memories and camera roll.

How to repost Snaps and Stories from Memories
1. Go to your Memories.
2. Hold down on the Snap or Story.
3. Edit the Snap or Story with filters, text, or emoji.
4. Send to individual people or post to your Story. Remember, if you post an old Snap to your Story, it will appear with a thick white border.

How to create new Stories from Memories
1. Tap the checkmark in the top right of your Memories screen.
2. Select the old Snaps you’d like to compile into your Story.
3. To save this new Story to your Memories, press the circle icon at the bottom of your screen.
4. To post your new Story, press the arrow icon.
5. To add Snaps to an existing Story compilation in Memories, hold down on the Story, tap the menu button, and tap Add to Story.
6. To post an individual Snap within a Story in Memories, hold down, edit the Snap, and tap the arrow icon.

How to make Memories private
1. Tap the “Select” icon in top right corner.
2. Tap the Snaps and Stories you’d like to make private.
3. Tap the lock icon, then tap “Move.”
4. Once you’ve locked your desired Snaps, they will be in the “My Eyes Only” tab in Snapchat, a password protected area for your viewing only.

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