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An Exciting Announcement From Our Editor

Cru Storylines™ Editor-in-Chief Rachel Geckle has a special message to share with you.

March 2021


Mobilizing a Decade of Harvest

Join a worldwide movement to mobilize millions of believers to share their faith in May 2020.

March 2020


The Domino Effect: Jesus’ Simple Way to Change the World

Discover how you can confidently take part in transforming our complex, intimidating and ever-changing world through Jesus’ timeless model of discipleship.

January 2020


The Life-Saving Power of Clean Water

When cholera started to spread through Zambia in late 2017, people were forced to drink the disease-ridden water. But a gift was about to change that.

September 2018


What Happens When a Brazilian Skeptic Finds Jesus

“I thought Christianity was foolishness,” says Kariny Rocha, a university student in Teresina, Brazil. Watch what happened when Jesus changed her mind.

March 2018


Have You Ever Wondered, “Why Me?”

Is there a grand design behind why and how the gospel came to you when it did?

August 2017

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