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Special Message

An Exciting Announcement From Our Editor

Cru Storylines™ Editor-in-Chief Rachel Geckle has a special message to share with you.

March 2021


Reflecting Jesus in These Hard Times

Michael and Helene Ferchak, a couple homebound because of the COVID-19 pandemic, received a small gesture from their family that deeply encouraged them. See how you can do something similar.

July 2020

Special Message

Message from the Editor

Cru Storylines editor-in-chief Rachel Geckle shares a special message of encouragement and hope in God’s restoration.

May 2020


When Walking With God Wrecks Your Feet

Discover what happens when the editor of Cru® Storylines takes on the Camino in Northwest Spain and learns what this ancient tradition offers us modern-day Christians.

March 2018

Special report

The Unseen Crisis Among College Women

Chronic mental health problems are on the rise, raising serious issues for those working with female students. Here’s how you can help.

August 2017

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