The Domino Effect: Jesus’ Simple Way to Change the World


Is “making disciples” a task reserved for trained pastors and missionaries? What does “making disciples” mean? How do you know if you’ve made a disciple, or even how to do it?

If you’ve pondered these or similar questions, you’re not alone. Most Christians affirm that telling others about Jesus and helping them grow is an essential element of our faith. But when the topics of evangelism and discipleship come up, we balk. It’s intimidating. Risky. Excuses quickly form in our minds: I don’t know what to say. I’m not mature enough. I’d better leave it to “professional Christians” who are far more capable.

From its very beginning, Cru® has aimed to help fulfill the Great Commission — Jesus’ command to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) — by equipping and sending all Christians, not just vocational ministers. Making disciples is a stewardship entrusted to each of us.

This video seeks to remove some intimidation by illustrating the simplicity and power of biblical discipleship. You can make disciples, wherever you are.

For a deeper look at spiritual multiplication, and some helpful resources, read this article from this issue of Cru Storylines.

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Jason Weimer
Words by

Jason Weimer

Jason writes for The Communications Group of Cru®. He served as a team leader for Cru’s campus ministry in Pittsburgh for seven years. He has one wife, three kids, and an embarrassing number of brain cells reserved for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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Jonathan Duggins
Video by

Jonathan Duggins

Jonathan Duggins serves as a video producer with Cru® in Orlando, Florida. He graduated in 2005 from Baylor University with a degree in film and digital media. He is a husband, a father of three boys and a huge fan of Legos.

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