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Our Family: Messy, Blended and Blessed

Kirk McGregor and Lori Romberg-McGregor love the Lord, one another and their kids. With children from previous marriages, they sought God’s perspective on their family. Ministered to through Scripture and FamilyLife Blended®, they now hope to pass on what they’ve learned.

March 2021

From the Field

New Nets Bring New Life

Arriving in New York City after 9/11, Cru® staff member Woody Woodfin discovered basketball as a perfect vehicle to reach thousands of kids. When COVID-19 shut down face-to-face sports, he and his team adapted by playing sports elsewhere — online.

March 2021

Special Message

An Exciting Announcement From Our Editor

Cru Storylines™ Editor-in-Chief Rachel Geckle has a special message to share with you.

March 2021

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