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Wrestling for Confidence in an Uncomfortable Place

A young female wrestler from Virginia gains newfound confidence at a tournament and camp in Mongolia, where the prominence of wrestling provides athletes opportunities to introduce people to Christ.

November 2018

From the Field

Bringing Hope to Ostracized People

Former inner-city pastor Scott Reese intimately knows the needs of South Chicago’s suburbs. Alongside local churches, Pastor Scott’s ministry helps people experiencing homelessness to reach others in similar circumstances.

November 2018


God Can Multiply 1 Conversation Into 1,300

In Manila, Philippines, one conversation about Christ leads to hundreds of Filipinos turning to God.

November 2018

From the Field

The Girl With the Pink Backpack

Alone and desperate, one college student didn’t want to keep living. But a chance meeting saved her life and prompted her to influence other young lives.

November 2018

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