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The Power of Film to Plant Churches Among Gypsies

A Gypsy couple in Romania has used the film Magdalena to plant 11 churches in their community.

March 2019

Personal Essay

My Plunge Into Painful and Hopeful Waters

A week at a Cru® training event prompts a Cru Storylines™ writer to reflect on the difficult topics of racism, diversity and reconciliation and how these topics affect evangelism.

March 2019

From the Field

One God, One Week and Thousands of Students

Seven students from five continents joined thousands of others for Global Student Launch Week 2018, a worldwide initiative to bring Jesus to 1,000 campuses with no known Christian presence.

March 2019


Hope in a Box

After Nikki received a Box of Love®, she started attending a church, and her life began to turn from drug addiction to hope.

March 2019

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