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Feature Story

Searching for Balance in Life’s Busyness

After a full day of work, Israel “Izzy” Garrett II lives intentionally by mentoring rising spiritual leaders at his alma mater—Kent State University.

January 2018

From the Field

An Evangelism Shift: How Can We Reach Millennials?

Cru® staff member Josh Chen is a millennial committed to understanding his own generation. We sat down with him to explore how to better engage a unique and seemingly misunderstood generation with the gospel.

January 2018


Advocating for the Accused

In a country where Christianity is a minority religion, a simple act of advocacy by a Christian lawyer changed the trajectory of one man’s life.

January 2018

From the Field

What Happens to Faith When Crisis Strikes?

In the middle of a war zone, a Ukrainian military chaplain offers soldiers the hope that he once discovered on a Soviet battlefield.

January 2018


A Different Kind of Olympics

In a sports-driven country, a local Brazilian pastor partnered with Athletes in Action® to take the gospel to nearby neighborhoods during the 2016 Olympic Games.

January 2018

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