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Slowing Down, Being Close: How A Day With God Restores Your Soul

In a world that clamors for our attention, learn what it can look like to make space for and spend time with God.

May 2021

Special Message

An Exciting Announcement From Our Editor

Cru Storylines™ Editor-in-Chief Rachel Geckle has a special message to share with you.

March 2021


An Anchor of Hope in a Dizzying World

This Advent season, Cru Storylines™ managing editor Melody Copenny writes of how she’s reminded that hope in Jesus Christ and all He brings will never disappoint.

November 2020


Preaching and Parables: Planting Churches in the Face of Persecution

A Gambian fisherman transformed by the gospel wants to plant as many churches as possible to help others experience the truth that changed his life eight years ago.

September 2019


What Happens When the Honeymoon Is Over?

A couple discovered their failing marriage would require something greater than themselves to help them stay together.

May 2019


Loving Neighbors Through Life’s Storms

After the devastation of Hurricane Florence, one North Carolina woman helped neighbors stay connected through social media while sharing God’s love with them.

January 2019


A Dentist who Fills Cavities and Touches Hearts

In the Philippines, as Dr. Eloisa Crisostomo takes care of teeth, she also takes care of the spiritual needs of those beyond her dental chair — from mothers to businesswomen to young couples and to her own family.

September 2018

From the Field

A Family Like No Other

Around the U.S., many Latino college students experience deep connection to family as they meet God personally and grow spiritually through the Destino Movement®. Hear from five students and staff members as they tell their stories.

May 2018

Feature Story

Searching for Balance in Life’s Busyness

After a full day of work, Israel “Izzy” Garrett II lives intentionally by mentoring rising spiritual leaders at his alma mater—Kent State University.

January 2018


Balancing Disappoint­ment: 3 Ways to Struggle Well

We don’t want success to arrive through disappointment, but the collision of the two can help us learn who we are and how to struggle well, as evidenced by the personal experiences of the 2016 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Team alternates.

August 2017

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