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Summer Missions Went Virtual

This year, Cru® summer missions continued pursuing evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and community, but with a heightened online focus.

September 2020


The Mission Moving Forward

The gospel moves throughout the world in a multitude of ways.

July 2020


How a Trip Across the Street Led to Change Across the Globe

Decades ago, the Lord united the McGoldrick and Schuler families through faith and friendship. Today, Caroline Schuler, born in this season of connection, leads the global arm of Debbie McGoldrick’s ministry, Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO.

March 2020


What Happened to My Son?

A transformative week-long camp from Athletes in Action® and Cru Inner City gives high school athletes life-changing opportunities to encounter Jesus and mature as young men.

November 2019

From the Field

Can GodTools Make a Difference in Your Conversations?

Redd Watson was often tongue-tied when talking about Jesus — until he discovered an app that helps anyone concisely share the gospel in a conversation.

November 2019


Simple, Courageous Faith for a Complex World

A Cru® event at Brown University demonstrates how to influence people toward Christ in a society that seems to have left Him behind.

July 2019

From the Field

How Does a Spiritual Movement Begin?

The Cru® Coaching Center empowers faithful people to lead campus ministries across the country.

July 2019

From the Field

The End of the “Ends of the Earth”

A South Asian witch doctor and millions of others have encountered Christ for the first time through an 18-year-long collaboration of Christian leaders.

January 2019


Wrestling for Confidence in an Uncomfortable Place

A young female wrestler from Virginia gains newfound confidence at a tournament and camp in Mongolia, where the prominence of wrestling provides athletes opportunities to introduce people to Christ.

November 2018


Pursuing Success on and off the Field

Former Olympian and volunteer track coach Lorna Johnson has dedicated herself to seeing Orlando high school students succeed, especially those in tough circumstances.

July 2018

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