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As Strong in Defeat as in Victory

University of California, Berkeley, basketball player Kareem South’s perseverance through a difficult game and challenging circumstances off the court reveals how connection to Christ and community are vital for all of life’s victories and defeats.

March 2020


How to Use Your Wisdom for Eternal Influence

Cru® staff member Roger Hershey uses his experience and time to exhort young people to a life of eternal significance, modeling how to grow in spiritual maturity and discipleship.

January 2020


The Domino Effect: Jesus’ Simple Way to Change the World

Discover how you can confidently take part in transforming our complex, intimidating and ever-changing world through Jesus’ timeless model of discipleship.

January 2020


Simple, Courageous Faith for a Complex World

A Cru® event at Brown University demonstrates how to influence people toward Christ in a society that seems to have left Him behind.

July 2019

Personal Essay

My Plunge Into Painful and Hopeful Waters

A week at a Cru® training event prompts a Cru Storylines™ writer to reflect on the difficult topics of racism, diversity and reconciliation and how these topics affect evangelism.

March 2019

From the Field

One God, One Week and Thousands of Students

Seven students from five continents joined thousands of others for Global Student Launch Week 2018, a worldwide initiative to bring Jesus to 1,000 campuses with no known Christian presence.

March 2019

From the Field

The End of the “Ends of the Earth”

A South Asian witch doctor and millions of others have encountered Christ for the first time through an 18-year-long collaboration of Christian leaders.

January 2019


Wrestling for Confidence in an Uncomfortable Place

A young female wrestler from Virginia gains newfound confidence at a tournament and camp in Mongolia, where the prominence of wrestling provides athletes opportunities to introduce people to Christ.

November 2018


A Spring Break That Breaks the Norm

Students from Virginia take courageous steps of faith to continue Cru®’s 54-year legacy of spring break beach outreaches.

July 2018

From the Field

What Happens to Faith When Crisis Strikes?

In the middle of a war zone, a Ukrainian military chaplain offers soldiers the hope that he once discovered on a Soviet battlefield.

January 2018

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