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The Most Important Week of the Year

Daniel Mitchell, University of Nebraska–Lincoln student and part-time Cru® staff member, aims to guide a wave of incoming students toward transformation through Christ and community, something he’s experienced as well.

July 2020


Peace to the Far and Near: How God Is Using Digital Ministry

Today, people rely on digital media like never before. As a result, the gospel is reaching people in new ways, including through the Power to Change online Mentor Ministry.

May 2020


How a Trip Across the Street Led to Change Across the Globe

Decades ago, the Lord united the McGoldrick and Schuler families through faith and friendship. Today, Caroline Schuler, born in this season of connection, leads the global arm of Debbie McGoldrick’s ministry, Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO.

March 2020


A Film, a Makeshift Raft, and a Flight to Freedom

After Mario McDonald came to know Christ through the JESUS Film, he longed to live his faith freely. This led him to seek refuge via a dangerous journey by boat from Cuba to the U.S.

November 2019


Hospice and the Hope of Life

A doctor in Mongolia brings love, comfort and hope into her work with hospice care through her faith in Christ.

January 2019


God Can Multiply 1 Conversation Into 1,300

In Manila, Philippines, one conversation about Christ leads to hundreds of Filipinos turning to God.

November 2018

Feature Story

How Can Art Be a Bridge to the World?

One artist journeys to recognize art as a worthy vocation that worships God.

December 2017

Feature story

An Unlikely Missionary Revives Hope on the Reservation

Bob GreyEagle, a Cru® staff member with Nations®, formerly perpetuated a toxic home life. But when God rescued him, Bob longed to change his community. Then God made it clear to Bob: I am sending you.

August 2017

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