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A Videographer Redirected

Just before the COVID-19 lockdown, newly homeless videographer Nick Angarita finds much more than just a new place to live.

January 2022


Encouraged By Joy

Because of God’s healing and encouragement through her own struggles, Joy Davis reaches out to others in need, especially those who struggle with food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

May 2021

From the Field

New Nets Bring New Life

Arriving in New York City after 9/11, Cru® staff member Woody Woodfin discovered basketball as a perfect vehicle to reach thousands of kids. When COVID-19 shut down face-to-face sports, he and his team adapted by playing sports elsewhere — online.

March 2021


Driving Back the Brokenness

Surrounded by brokenness, teenager Wade never dreamed that he would one day become the kind of healthy father, husband, mentor and role model he’d always wanted.

January 2021


What Happened to My Son?

A transformative week-long camp from Athletes in Action® and Cru Inner City gives high school athletes life-changing opportunities to encounter Jesus and mature as young men.

November 2019


Three Generations of Answers to a Grandmother’s Prayers

Carol Nordman prayed for decades for her father — who had rejected Christianity — to trust Jesus. The outcome changed her perspective on prayer.

July 2019

From the Field

Bringing Hope to Ostracized People

Former inner-city pastor Scott Reese intimately knows the needs of South Chicago’s suburbs. Alongside local churches, Pastor Scott’s ministry helps people experiencing homelessness to reach others in similar circumstances.

November 2018


Pursuing Success on and off the Field

Former Olympian and volunteer track coach Lorna Johnson has dedicated herself to seeing Orlando high school students succeed, especially those in tough circumstances.

July 2018


From One Simple Prayer to 60 Churches

Watch how God works through one broken man to start churches all over Cambodia.

May 2018


A Different Kind of Olympics

In a sports-driven country, a local Brazilian pastor partnered with Athletes in Action® to take the gospel to nearby neighborhoods during the 2016 Olympic Games.

January 2018

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