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Summer Missions Went Virtual

This year, Cru® summer missions continued pursuing evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and community, but with a heightened online focus.

September 2020

From the Field

Can GodTools Make a Difference in Your Conversations?

Redd Watson was often tongue-tied when talking about Jesus — until he discovered an app that helps anyone concisely share the gospel in a conversation.

November 2019

From the Field

How Does a Spiritual Movement Begin?

The Cru® Coaching Center empowers faithful people to lead campus ministries across the country.

July 2019


What Do You Do When Burdens Weigh You Down?

A young woman cried out in anguish when her life became unbearable. Watch how her life changed.

May 2019

From the Field

The Girl With the Pink Backpack

Alone and desperate, one college student didn’t want to keep living. But a chance meeting saved her life and prompted her to influence other young lives.

November 2018


Where Faith Meets Fitness

In a gym where community thrives, one Christian businessman decides to use his love of working out to initiate faith conversations.

July 2018

From the Field

A Google Search That Led to Peace

When the words one woman heard in her sleep matched the gospel message on®, her life and the lives of others took a dramatic turn.

July 2018


This 4-Minute Video Sparks Conversations About God

See why #FallingPlates is so popular and how you can use it to spark conversation.

December 2017

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