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From the Field

New Nets Bring New Life

Arriving in New York City after 9/11, Cru® staff member Woody Woodfin discovered basketball as a perfect vehicle to reach thousands of kids. When COVID-19 shut down face-to-face sports, he and his team adapted by playing sports elsewhere — online.

March 2021

From the Field

Theology Shines a Light on the Summer of 2020

During the summer of 2020, pivoting as a result of COVID-19, students and coaches embarked on an unexpected journey that carried them into the deep waters of theology, where insight into what Scripture reveals about God touches every part of our lives.

January 2021


Defeating Loneliness Through Lifelines in the Snow

To combat student loneliness at Oregon State University, sophomore Beth Whitten goes on a Cru® Lifelines snowshoe and snow-camping trip to learn about strengthening community.

November 2020


God’s Work Never Locks Down

Hear from Cru® staff members around the world, who continue to make disciples and share the gospel in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that has touched every country.

November 2020


Loving Thy Neighbor With a Harvest

A community garden helps Joe Bollinger build relationships with his neighbors in Orlando.

September 2020


Summer Missions Went Virtual

This year, Cru® summer missions continued pursuing evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and community, but with a heightened online focus.

September 2020


The Most Important Week of the Year

Daniel Mitchell, University of Nebraska–Lincoln student and part-time Cru® staff member, aims to guide a wave of incoming students toward transformation through Christ and community, something he’s experienced as well.

July 2020


The Mission Moving Forward

The gospel moves throughout the world in a multitude of ways.

July 2020


Peace to the Far and Near: How God Is Using Digital Ministry

Today, people rely on digital media like never before. As a result, the gospel is reaching people in new ways, including through the Power to Change online Mentor Ministry.

May 2020

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