Three Generations of Answers to a Grandmother’s Prayers


Most of us have family members who don’t know Christ, even though we’ve spent years praying for them. Are you losing hope that they will ever turn to Jesus? Carol Nordman’s father, a scientist, rejected Christianity in favor of “spiritual evolution.” But in answer to years of his grandmother’s prayers, something happened when he was 86. Watch Carol’s story to learn more.

As Carol says, “It is never, ever too late. As long as there is breath, there is hope.” Who in your life does not know Jesus? Make a list of those in your family or circle of friends who do not have a relationship with God. We’ve compiled Scripture verses you can use to pray for them every day.

  • Psalm 63:1: Ask Jesus to give them this kind of thirst for Him and His truth.

  • 2 Corinthians 4:4 & Colossians 1:9: Ask God to give them the wisdom and understanding to respond to His love and truth.

  • Romans 10:14: Ask God to bring Christians across their paths who will share the good news of Jesus with them through word and example.

  • Isaiah 6:8: Make yourself available to God. Ask Him to prepare you, give you the words and provide the opportunity for you to share what Jesus has done in your life.

  • Ephesians 6: 12-18 & Matthew 28:19-20: Jesus has delegated authority to you and given you these vital components of the Christian faith to protect you from the lying attacks of the enemy. Use these components and the weapon of Scripture in your prayers on behalf of your loved ones. Pray against the enemy’s efforts to keep them from hearing and responding to the gospel.

  • I Timothy 2:3-4 & Philippians 1:6: God loves them so much more than you ever could. Thank Him by faith for hearing and answering your prayers, and for the way He is already working in their lives.

In answer to decades of Carol’s prayers, and of her great-grandmother’s, God brought Carol’s father to Christ. What might He do through your faithful persistence in prayer?

To see more stories like Carol’s, visit Cru Legacy. If you’d like to learn more about how to share your faith, click here.

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