How to Use Soularium™

Tanya Walker

I want to introduce you to a card game...

It’s not like any card game you’ve played and this deck is definitely not like any deck you’ve ever shuffled. It’s called Soularium™: fifty thought-provoking images designed to spark significant spiritual conversations.

Ever notice how easy it is to start a conversation about a movie or TV show? They provide a point of reference, something to discuss and interact over. Likewise, Soularium™ is a conversation starter. A natural and easy way to explore the spiritual journey of others.

Something unique happens when we look at an image. It conjures up associations that are as unique as we are. Our experience shapes what we see. Images are like a Rorschach test: it isn’t the inkblot that tells the story, it’s what we see in the inkblot.

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. You can come alongside another person on their journey by exploring where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they’re headed. Asking questions and genuinely listening can open a door to significant spiritual conversations about Jesus.

While there are any number of ways to spark a spiritual discussion using Soularium™, here is perhaps the simplest:


With someone you don’t know you might say:

“I’m exploring how people on campus describe their life and spiritual journey through images. If I asked you a few questions would you be willing to tell me which images resonate with you?”

With a friend you might say:

“I’ve got this set of images that are a great way for people to share about their life and spiritual journey. There are five questions that give us a starting point to talk about our own stories. Will you do it with me?” (Both of you answer the questions.)

If they ask: Why are you doing this?

“As part of a [Christian] group on campus, I’m trying to grow in my ability to listen well and understand other people’s spiritual journeys. These images seem like a helpful way to have a conversation about what’s important to people.”

“Your response will help us to better understand what students desire in life and spirituality.”

“We can create locally sponsored events that respond to the life and spiritual desires expressed on campus.”


After your introduction, hand the set of images to the person and ask the questions that come printed on the “Questions” card. Those questions are:

1. Which three images would you choose to describe your life right now?

1b. What do each of these images represent about your life?

2. Which three images represent what you WISH were a part of your life right now?

2b. Why? What desire does each image represent?

3. Which image would you choose to describe God? (If they say “I’m an atheist” ask: Which image describes that?)

3b. Why? What does it say about God to you?

4. Think about your life so far. Which image best describes what you’ve experienced spiritually?

4b. Why? What does that image represent?

5. When you think about your spiritual life or journey, which image best represents what you wish were true?

5b. Why? What does that image represent?

For each question, allow them to choose from all fifty images. At some point in your conversation, be sure to ask them for their personal information including major and year in school. At the end, if they want to know which images others have chosen on campus(es), suggest they check out the Soularium™ website. (Give them the card. You can write your contact info on the back.)

When you finish asking the questions, thank them. If the Lord opens a door to further spiritual conversation and you sense spiritual openness, take the opportunity to continue the conversation.


Since the “official” questions are finished, you’ll simply want to ask permission to continue the conversation.

“Well, that’s the end of the questions. Thanks for telling me about your journey.”

“I was really intrigued when you said _______. Would you tell me more about that?”

“Can I show you which image I chose for the question _______. (e.g. which image I chose to describe God and why)?”

“You said that you desired ________ in life (e.g. peace and to get away from the stress). I can relate to that. Can I share a little about how my relationship with God has affected this in my life?“

“You said that you wish that _______ were true of your spiritual life. How have you tried to pursue that? Can I share with you my story? OR... how I began a relationship with God?”

To order a deck of Soularium™ cards go to the CruPress store.


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