Soularium Overview

Start a spiritual dialogue with pictures.

What is it?

Soularium provides 50, 4x6 original photographic images and five simple questions that help you to enter and explore the lives of people around you.

How to Introduce Soularium:

Show the cards to someone and ask, “Would you be willing to tell me about your spiritual journey sometime? I have a set of images that helps people share about their experiences.”

The conversation:

After your introduction, hand the set of images to the person and ask the questions. (The five questions are listed on a card at the back of the pack.)

Allow them ample time to select images, then listen as they describe their choices.

A Helpful Tip!

As you listen, look for connections between their story and yours. What experiences and desires do you have in common?

Why use it:

Everyone is on a spiritual journey. You can come alongside another person on their journey by exploring where they’ve been, where they are now and where they’re headed. Asking questions and genuinely listening can open a door to significant spiritual conversations about Jesus.

Where to get it:

What people think:

  • “I have been able to learn things about friends that I never knew and encourage them to really think deeper about their faith and spiritual life.”

  • “[Soularium] got spiritual conversations started easier than any other tool I've seen.”

  • “[Soularium is] a barrier breaker when it comes to talking about spiritual things. It puts everyone on the same page.”


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