My Story: How My Life Changed

How can God touch someone like that?

Obatare Uwegba with Ross McCall
My Story: Obatare Uwegba Obatare, on left, with one of the Student Life leaders Borislav Georgiev.


I saw a poster on the wall talking about a porn star who had changed her life through Christ. How could someone from such a contrasting background become a Christian? I thought, Yeah I want to see this.

The room was silent when she was speaking. Her story was really touching. I couldn’t believe she went through this.

My mind was reeling. How can God touch someone like this?

My parents moved to the United Kingdom 26 years ago from Nigeria. Growing up I went to church every Sunday because my Dad told me to. I always prayed before I went to sleep and when I woke up, but I thought being a Christian was boring and I was turned off by Christians I saw on the street preaching.

Coming to the “Porn Again Christian” event I remember wondering, What would she be dressed like?

Listening to the story of Teresa (the former porn-star), it was incredible that she didn’t actually stop her career immediately after the vision she had of Jesus.

Even though her story was a big contrast to mine, it told me that Christianity is a gradual process. It’s okay to take slow steps; it doesn’t have to happen all at once. 


If her life as a porn star could be changed completely then anyone can be changed. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from or what you have been through, God can change you.


Although I believe I was a Christian before I came to the event, I didn’t understand clearly the meaning of why Jesus came and got involved with us and what He did for us.

Andy, a staff member with Student Life (what Cru is called in the UK) was willing to sit down and understand where I was coming from. My sister also began to deepen her faith around the same time as me. I began to see myself as His child and it became more of a Father-daughter relationship.

More than what they said, the selflessness of these people really influenced me and let me know that God is real and is working in all of our lives.

I’ve learned that God is willing to take the time to listen to me. I see prayer as a great time to reflect, to talk to God and to open up every door in my life to Him.

I believe there is a plan for my life that God is revealing. God can take you places and do things that you never would have expected. And through hearing Teresa’s story, I am convinced that He can change any life.

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