Principle 8: Exercise Regularly

Steve Douglass

In 1 Timothy 4:8, Paul says that bodily exercise profits us a little though there are other things that profit us even more.

Now Paul was speaking to a society which was physically very active and in which almost everything was done by hand.

The American society, however, is quite sedentary, and much of the heavy work is done by machine. Our bodies are designed for a much higher level of physical activity than we are normally afforded in the course of our daily lives. Therefore, most Americans need to supplement their normal activities with exercise.

There are many types of exercise from which to choose: walking, swimming, jogging, bicycle riding, or whatever else appeals to you. But whatever you choose, be sure that it is practical for you and is something you will be motivated to do day in and day out.

The activity that I can do most often and most easily is walking. I can attest that since I first incorporated this into my schedule, I have felt more alert, more in shape and more comfortable with the various demands on me than ever before.

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