Principle 7: Control the Quantity of Your Food Intake

Steve Douglass

Now that you’ve learned how to control the quality of your food intake, we’ll take a look at controlling the quantity of your food intake.

In Philippians 3:19, we see that overeating and other forms of overindulgence are a bad thing because they set up food and other earthly pleasures as gods, which we worship. In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, we see the principles of keeping our bodily desires under control for the sake of a more important objective.

Medical science has given us plenty of reason to believe that being overweight can be a primary cause of many diseases and may lead to other serious complications. Therefore, if we are to be good stewards of our bodies, we need to do our best to have a healthy weight in proportion to our height and bone structure. We can all strive to eat in moderation to stay healthy and prevent food from becoming an idol in our lives.

If you struggle with your weight or overeating, a registered dietician or certified nutrition specialist can help you come up with a plan to improve your health.

Sometimes, weight and eating issues are rooted in eating disorders. Eating too much is not the only problem people face. Severe restriction of food is also unhealthy and can be very dangerous. If you struggle with an eating disorder of any kind,  talk to a doctor or a mental health professional.

Whatever food-related struggles you may have, it is important to develop a plan and take action. The key to success will be for you to trust God for the discipline to stick to it.



This article was originally published in “Managing Yourself” by Steve Douglass.

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