Principle 5: Watch for Danger Signals

Steve Douglass

Automobiles often have red warning lights that signal to us when something we cannot see is malfunctioning.

God has wonderfully designed our bodies so that they, too, signal to us when they need special attention. Consistent dizziness, nausea and pain in a specific area in the body are all examples of the danger signals that God allows our bodies to give us.

Sometimes when a danger signal occurs, we may be aware of a possible cause. For example, if we feel sluggish and we haven’t been getting much sleep, we should try getting to bed earlier. If our efforts don’t help and the danger signal persists, we should consult doctor. After all, we would do at least as much for our car by taking it to a mechanic if it malfunctioned in some way!

In addition to consulting a doctor when a danger signal occurs, I heartily recommend a regular physical check-up as a preventive measure. For some years now, I have had a complete physical every year. The detailed advice that I have received from the doctor, nutritionist and others involved with the physical has no doubt prevented many problems for me in the past and will certainly prevent many more problems in the future – problems that might be very difficult to cure if allowed to develop. The advantage of a physical is that early warning signals can be detected long before your body gives you a more obvious signal of the problem.

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