Movement launching and building are spiritual endeavors. The tools of such efforts are spiritual. Prayer is a very important tool that opens doors for effective ministry.  

But sometimes we struggle to show prayer as something other than a vague mystical exercise. Beyond simply praying for our non-believing friends to come to faith, what should we pray for?  

One way to make prayer more specific comes from Love on Its Knees: Make a Difference by Praying for Others, by Dick Eastman. He suggests asking God to plant certain “heart” questions in them, directing their thinking toward the things of God.

Whom Can I Trust?

  • Plant in hearts skepticism about the lies they hear, whether philosophical, social, or political.
  • Cause them to begin to question whom they can really trust in life.
  • They would look for someone to trust beyond themselves.
  • That they would see that political systems don’t have lasting answers.

What is My Purpose?

  • That they will search for the meaning of life.
  • Plant in their hearts an urgency concerning this question.

When Will I Really Be Free?

  • Plant an inner unrest, together with a longing to know the Truth that will someday set them free.
  • That they will feel an emptiness that can only be satisfied by receiving Jesus into their lives.
  • Cause them to ask, "When will I be free of this emptiness in my heart?"

Why Do People Hate Religion or Reject God?

  • Cause them to question why their leaders so vehemently reject the existence of God.
  • Question why people find it necessary to fight the concept of God.

How Can I Cope?

  • Plant a sense of hopelessness apart from God.

Where Will I Go When I Die?

  • That God would turn this question into a quest for an eternal answer.
  • Plant in their hearts a longing to resolve this issue.
  • That urgency will fill their hearts concerning their eternal destiny.
  • Here are a few more questions to help develop a vision for prayer on your campus:
  • What are you believing God to do on your campus?
  • What could it look like?
  • What would God do if He were at work here (unhindered)?

Used by permission. 2015.


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