Prayer - Starting a Ministry

Prayer Exercises

Prayer is a vital part of launching a spiritual movement.

When we pray we are asking God to work in supernatural ways on the campus. It expresses dependence upon Him.

Two prayer exercises will help you get on the same page as God concerning the students on your campus. The first exercise will give you an overview of the campus. The second will get you out onto the campus to experience student and campus life.

1. Prayer Mapping

Obtain or download a campus map. Then mark the following on your map.

  • Where are the dorms and how many students live in them?
  • Other important residence info: “freshmen dorm”, “international housing”, “honors dorm”, etc.
  • How many commuter students are there? Where do they park? Where do they live?
  • Note the areas where certain groups of students hang out (athletes, international students, those in fraternities and sororities, ethnic students, non-traditional students, students with certain majors, student government, etc).
  • If the majority of students don’t hang out on campus, identify the places where they do, especially if those places are near campus.
  • Who are the main groups of students influencing the campus? Maybe it’s the school newspaper, a particular department, an off-campus house with the most parties.
  • Label the main academic departments on specific classroom buildings. Where are offices of Christian faculty/administrators? Identify buildings where students have classes that are “pro-God” and “anti-God”.
  • Identify the main pathways on campus

You now have a great visual picture of your campus! Now, it’s time to walk around your campus in an attitude of prayer and expectancy.

2. Prayer Walking

Before you go ask God to prepare your own heart to see students and the campus the way He does. Be sure you are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Ask for direction and wisdom. And then plan the path you will take.

Here are some things to observe and pray about as you walk.

  • The types of students and faculty, ethnic diversity, and age.
  • The attitudes, emotions, concerns, and activities of those you see.
  • Notice signs, posters, art and architecture, and if pride and care are shown to the campus and its people.
  • Pay attention to where people hang out and how busy they are.

Ask God for open doors to share the Gospel, that many would respond to the Good News, and that a work would be established from which many would be sent out and become life-long laborers for the Kingdom.

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