Using Social Media for Ministry

Social Media Representative Checklist

Do you have an upcoming mission trip or are you starting a ministry and need to work on your social media presence? The first step in this journey is to identify someone who will be your social media representative. Here is a list of things for that person to do to start off as your representative.

   Create a page for your ministry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

   Post once a day on Facebook and Instagram and multiple times a day on Twitter.

   Come up with one hashtag for your ministry and use that hashtag and in every post. A main hashtag will generate traction and increase the number of people you reach. You can add additional hashtags as you create campaigns.

   Post, repost and shout out to people as you establish your brand on social media to get more eyes on your accounts. Plan in advance and begin generating content along with your ministry’s events calendar.

   Create a social media content calendar for your Ministry. Start off planning two weeks in advance and as you get more comfortable with the job try to be planned out one month in advance to take away some of the stress of constantly posting.

   Don’t leave anyone out! Social media isn’t just for students but for parents, family members, friends, supporters, prayer partners and prospective students.

   Share what is hard, what is going well and how your followers can pray for you.

   Share photos, videos and quotes on what the Lord is doing in your ministry.

   If you have something on the schedule, post in the morning and ask people to pray. Later that day, post a photo from the event.

   Teach your content gatherers how to gather legal content. If you have juveniles in your photos make sure you have a parents permission to use their image. Make it a habit to ask permission to use anyone’s image before posting.

   Pass on some of the social media roles to members of your ministry - especially interns and students. Encorporate social media as part of the servant teams.

   Social media is a way to create community on campus, let supporters, family and friends know what’s going on while casting vision in the hearts of prospective ministry members on what Summer Mission is all about.

   Incorporate Cru Summer Missions pages on Social Media by tagging them and sharing their content.

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