My Story: Toshiba Rodney

I Chose God.

Toshiba Rodney with Amber Kinneer

I met Fiona Payne, Cru staff member, in 2009. We met in the pharmacy at Georgetown Hospital in Guyana, where I work.

Fiona was nice. She told me and my friends about God and how He loves us.

I wasn’t really interested in God or church then but I listened anyway.

One day she invited us to a Bible study at the hospital that was for hospital staff. I went the first time because I wanted to learn more about God.

I wasn’t a Christian at that time.

My life was okay before, but without Christ I knew my life was not good. I was struggling with a bad relationship and choices.

Before Christ, I was living according to my plan. Now things are different.

Before meeting Fiona, I had never prayed before. Fiona taught me how to pray and call on the Lord. I learned by listening to her and then trying it myself. Fiona kept things simple and told me to just talk to the Lord whenever I want to and can.

In times of trouble and ups and downs, I need the Lord to help me.

Fiona used the Four Spiritual Laws booklet to explain to me what the Bible says about God’s love and sin.

I prayed and received Christ with her one day during my break at the hospital.

Because I have Christ in my life now I treat people differently than I did before. I respect people more and don’t talk to people the same way or cuss at them.

I know I can’t live both lives now, I had to choose one or the other.

I chose God.

Now Fiona is helping prepare me to tell others about my relationship with Jesus. Fiona reads through the Four Spiritual Laws booklet with me, teaching me how to use it in conversation with others. I practice using it at church with the older children.

Sometime in the future, I’d like to go to the university and further my study in pharmacy.

Toshiba Rodney is a 28-year-old multipurpose technician at Georgetown Hospital. She is hoping to attend Georgetown University to continue her pharmacy education. On Sundays she teaches Sunday school for toddlers (1-3 year olds) at her church.


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