Population: 761,442

Located in Northern South America, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, between Suriname and Venezuela

Map of Guyana

Atheism was promoted until 1985, but Guyana has had full religious freedom since then. There is a vital, vibrant and growing evangelical witness, and Evangelicals are found in all levels of society. Most of the Afro-Guyanans are Christians, but nominalism is widespread. Stable two-parent families are rare and syncretistic beliefs common.


Finding hope where it is foreign

For children in Guyana, an after school program exposed them to all kinds of new things.

How a blind pastor translated the Bible

Learning how to tell Bible stories allowed a pastor to pray in his heart language.

My Story: Toshiba Rodney

A multi-purpose technician meets Christ during her lunch break at Georgetown Hospital in Guyana.

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