South Africa

Fed-Up Teacher Recommits to Students, Faith

Chris Lawrence

Busi Sigwebela was thinking of quitting. The middle-aged teacher was fed up with her job because of recent policy changes and unruly children. Plus, the children's parents seemed thankless.

With more than a quarter century of experience, the 49-year-old woman questioned whether her job with a public school near Durban, South Africa, was still meaningful.

A retired teacher, named Gloria Vikali, invited Busi to get involved with CrossRoads, a Cru program that teaches children values and character.

The abstinence-based program, allowed in public schools around the world, also teaches how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. One participating country is South Africa, where more than 660,000 children are orphaned each year because of AIDS.

Soon Busi's classes began responding to the CrossRoads teachings. Praise from parents poured in soon after. Busi was excited about her job again -- and her faith.

"If it wasn't for CrossRoads, I wouldn't be so connected with God," says Busi, whose faith was ignited by the training.

Now the educator wouldn't dream of leaving her job.

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