South Africa

South Africa

South Africa

Population: 50,492,408

Located in Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa


Map of South Africa

South Africa is the richest and most industrialized country in Africa, yet the legacy of apartheid continues to affect the nation. Biblical Christianity continues to be strong and influential while facing the question of how a nation that is 75% Christian can be so crippled by poverty, violence, crime, AIDS and racial strife. Believers are at the forefront of addressing these issues with the life-changing power of the gospel in order to bring about change that no government policy ever will.

Loving the Least Lovable by Faith

Who do you find hard to love? Marie was surprised by her answer: taxi drivers. Living in South Africa, her prejudice seemed ordinary, but God transformed her heart and allowed her to love taxi drivers by faith. What could this look like in your life?

Faith at a Theme Park?

When Thabiso flies half-way across the world for an internship, he joins a Cru ministry and becomes equipped to return home and join Cru in his country.

South African School Teacher Fights AIDS: "I Must Do Something."

Weary of watching her people die, a South African schoolteacher joins the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Fed-Up Teacher Recommits to Students, Faith

Burned out teacher's motivation is restored through abstinence-based teaching program in South Africa.

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