How to Honor Mom on Mother’s Day

Mary May Larmoyeux and Hope Griffin
How to honor mom on Mother's Day

What may seem like a small and insignificant moment to us can have a lifelong impact on someone we love. As Mother’s Day approaches, have you thought of how you will carve out a moment to honor your mom?

Perhaps I can help.  

I’m writing this today as a grandmother, blessed and honored to still have my mother in my life. Not long ago, she shared with me one of her treasures, a copy of a poem I had written as a child. She kept the memory tucked inside her dresser drawer for decades.

I understand why mom held on to that tiny scrap of paper filled with my 10-year-old admiration. As mothers, we sometimes lose sight of how we are cherished in the midst of chores, arguments and the day-to-day busyness. My words were admiration and confirmation to her of a job well-done. Curious how others have honored their mothers, I asked a few close friends to share.

Perhaps their ideas will inspire you.

Nine Ideas to Honor Mom

  1. Create scrapbook memories. Fill a photo album with family photos and hand-written notes that honor mom.

  2. Shoot a video. Film short snippets of family members sharing favorite memories and why they appreciate mom.

  3. Create a recipe book. Collect recipes that the family has enjoyed together over the years. Include family memories and handwritten notes. Add her sayings and favorite quotes throughout. Share if a recipe has given you life lessons.

  4. Serve her dinner. Turn the dining room into a full-service restaurant. Kids of all ages can help prepare and serve. Make sure to clean up the mess!

  5. Spend time with her. Give your mom a full day to do something she loves. Make the time about her. Put down the phone, shut out the world and enjoy these precious moments.

  6. Give her flowers. Recreate her bridal bouquet, have flowers sent to her or pick wildflowers together.  

  7. Write a poem or letter. Commemorate who she is and what she means to you. Dennis Rainey gives step-by-step ideas for writing tributes.

  8. Make a gift. Young children often give their moms plaster impressions or tracings of feet and hands. As moms get older, they still cherish homemade gifts. Whatever skill God has given you (drawing, knitting, sewing, baking, singing, etc.) use it to honor your mother.

  9. Throw a party. Invite her closest friends to spend a day honoring her in an intimate setting she loves.

What would you add to this list? What memories do you have of honoring your mother or of being honored as a mother?

If you are a mother and reading this list has left you feeling unappreciated, I want to leave you encouraged. You are loved and cherished by God. You are not alone. Reach out to others and take a moment to explore “Unseen.”

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