Marriage, Parenting and Family Bible Studies

FamilyLife's Bible studies are a great way to strengthen your marriage and family.

Justin Stowell

What is it:

FamilyLife, the family ministry of Cru, has some of the best studies available on a wide variety of topics like:

  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Faith
  • Life Issues
  • Holidays

Why use it:

  • FamilyLife's studies meet a critical need -- strengthening marriages and families.
  • The wide selection of books and DVDs make leading a small group easy with little preparation.
  • The studies teach practical life application of Biblical principles.
  • The small group sessions are fun and promote friendships.
  • The studies create an opportunity to tell people about Jesus.

What people think:

"It was encouraging to meet with other couples and get to know them in a different setting. It made us realize how important our marriage is, not only just for us but also for our children and the legacy we will leave them."
-- Joetta Raber, who co-hosted a HomeBuilders study in Sarasota, Fla.

"Connie and I are as different from one another as day is from night. It wasn't until going through a HomeBuilders study that things started to click, and we were able to move closer to a marriage based on God's principles."
-- Kerry Kuball, from Avondale, Ariz.

View all of FamilyLife's studies at their online store.

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