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Our partnerships were created to collaborate with and encourage organizations laboring against human trafficking all around the world. We work with IJM (International Justice Mission), AIM (Agape International Mission) and Freedom 58. These organizations each bring specialized training and expertise to their work, allowing our team to further educate students and give them a chance to serve our partner organizations first-hand.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights agency that rescues thousands, protects millions and ensures justice for the poor is possible. Their global team includes lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals at work through 17 field offices around the world.

Cru partners with IJM to raise up an army of people to fight against slavery and violent oppression of the poor. Through our partnership, we have created collaborative efforts in South Asia to train and educate staff and students on biblical justice. We are also partnering with an aftercare organization to help build a training center for rescued trafficked girls who would otherwise have no other place to go after being rescued from sexual slavery. 

Agape International Missions

Agape International Missions' (AIM) vision is to rescue, restore and reintegrate survivors of trafficking and prevent the cycle of exploitation. AIM’s holistic approach allows staff to follow survivors along their road to wholeness. AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is lasting.

Cru has created a Summer Mission to Cambodia to work alongside AIM in their community prevention and transformation work. On this Summer Mission, students have the opportunity to work within a trafficked torn community to help bring restoration and the gospel.

Freedom 58

Freedom 58 is a collaborative movement of Christian nonprofit organizations working to end modern-day slavery and violent oppression around the world. Freedom 58 created Faces of Freedom, an art exhibit designed to raise awareness about modern-day slavery and mobilize Christians to compassionate action on behalf of the oppressed.

The Faces of Freedom Art Exhibit has been displayed at campuses all over the US, including University of Missouri, Denver University, Azusa Pacific, as well as being featured at Winter Conference.

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