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High School

We're a community of grad students deeply connecting with one another, our calling, God, & the mission of helping others do similar.

High School Urban Internship

The Urban Immersion Internship is a 1 to 2 year experience doing urban ministry with the high school ministry of Cru. We launch spiritual movements on high school campuses with a focus on the inner city school system.

Schoolchildren Learn About Jesus in School

30,000 schoolchildren in Guatemala learn about values and character from Jesus’ example through CrossRoads.

God Brought Me Through My Brain Injury

Paul Bayer finds Christ and gets another chance at life after a brain injury.

A New Family - My Story

“There had to be some legit Christians out there.”

God punched me in the face

When God wanted to show Michael how much He loved him, it started with a punch in the face.

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