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Heart of Racism

Naomi describes the new “implicit” racism that our country faces today. She recounts her personal experiences with racism, speaks to its heart issue, and gives next steps for readers at different stages in their journeys with this issue.

“How can I continue to live out love in this conversation in new spaces?”

We are each responsible to lean on Jesus for the fruit of the Spirit in our own journeys toward oneness and diversity in conversation with others.

“I've seen the problems, and I understand there have been injustices, but what can I do?”

Seeing the problem and beginning to understand its roots is just half the battle. We can’t just pray and hope change will take place.

“I know something is wrong, but I don’t really understand what or how we got here.”

As followers of Christ, we must acknowledge and address the hurt and pain of people made in the image of God if we want to move toward true oneness.

“Is this really something we should be discussing?”

If you haven’t seen racism firsthand, haven’t studied its origins or don’t see its effects in your everyday life, it could be easy to dismiss its existence.

How Juneteenth Helps You See God

Juneteenth helps us to see God through the African American experience and stands to remind us that though this experience includes the brutal chains of slavery, emancipation came and broke those physical shackles free.

In a World So Divided, Is Unity Possible?

In a world like this, with people from so many different backgrounds and with so many points of view, is unity possible?

Life’s Questions

Explore answers to life's biggest questions.

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