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Sung-Min Park

Biography for Sung-Min Park, Vice President for East Asia

A Tiny Act to Help Women Every Month

With your help, a simple invention can put a stop to inhumane conditions for women across the globe.

We Need You to Commit to Praying for Our World’s Refugees

Our prayers must be for God to heal lands and touch hearts! Our prayers must be that no man, woman, or child will be forced because of their desperation to commit unspeakable acts to provide for themselves or their children.

Medical Missionaries Help Villagers See Again

Volunteers with Global Aid Network use their medical skills to help villagers.

International Bibles

Send Bibles worldwide to those in need

It's Your Breath

Last summer as a student at the University of Michigan, I had the opportunity to go on a 6-week summer mission trip to South Asia with Cru. It was a hard but amazing experience. It brought me to a place I didn't expect and didn't want to go: to the edge of death.

Learning to Depend on God

Just a few years ago, an independent young woman sat at her desk in Austin, Texas contemplating what her missions pastor has said that weekend in church, “Why would you not go to the unreached nations to share the good news of Jesus?”

Let Everyone Hear!

Nathan headed to campus on a breezy April afternoon in East Asia. He was paired with an American student – Amon – who was visiting on a spring break vision trip. Nathan and Amon hoped to make friends with students and share the gospel.

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